Download BEWA Business Plus v20.10 by Begal Developers

BEWA Business Plus

What is One For All & All For One ?
  • All WhatsApp Mod (BEWA Plus or BEWA Business Plus) that are shared can overwrite each other, regardless of the version.
  • From the old version of BEWA Plus and BEWA Plus, the new version can overlap again without having to re-login or re-verify sms.

BEWA Business Plus v20.10 (All For One & One For All) by Begal Developers

BEWA Business Plus


  • • New Based WA Business Beta v2.20.10
  • • Added Quick Contact Style
  • • Added Conversation Cards (Multi Chats)
  • • Added Changes Style Settings
  • • New Design Toolbar Style
  • • Same Stock BEWA Business v20.3
  • • Support Animated Stickers
  • • Enabled Animated Stickers Store
  • • Anymore

Nama Aplikasi: BEWA Business Plus
Versi Saat Ini: 20.10
Versi Based: 2.20.10
Ukuran Aplikasi: 40MB
Pengembang: Begal Developers

Download BEWA Business Plus v20.10


If you want to use BEWA Business Plus v20.10, first download and install BEWA Plus v20.26 then log in using your number. After that, please download this BEWA Business to overwrite BEWA Plus

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