[UPDATE] Download SHWhatsApp v3.80 Latest Version Android



  • • Update to the version of the market
  • • Activate the self-hiding messaging option
  • • Add the mantle mark, when someone sends a message to you in any group, the @ sign will appear in the main screen
  • • Add an option that a green circle appears next to the name when someone is offline now
  • • Add New interface and copy the text of the message in the conversation bubble, click on the long message, then Options, then copy part of the text
  • • Adding a long press on the story text to copy it
  • • Adding an option to change the color of the @ creator sign in the main screen
  • • Adding an option to change the @ creator sign in the main screen
  • • Adding an option to transfer messages from 500 people, [SHMods> All Theme for all interfaces> Settings]
  • • Adding an option within archived chats for new messages to appear in the archived chats list
  • • Activating advanced search
  • • Activating the download of the theme via a ZIP file
  • • Fixing the error when scrolling between story cases
  • • Fixing the program’s collapse in some devices
  • • Fixing the appearance of this message is not supported and you must update WhatsApp
  • • Fix some errors I forgot what :)
  • • Other reforms
  • • Thank you for choosing SHWA



Nama Aplikasi: SHWhatsApp
Versi Saat ini: 3.80
Versi Based:
Ukuran Aplikasi: 41MB
Pengembang: Ahmad Alshikh Ali

Download SHWhatsApp v3.80

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