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AFLIKSOFT.COM - AeroWitter adalah Aplikasi twitter mod pertama yang disempurnakan dengan perfeksionisme, animasi dengan warna, dihidupkan kembali dengan sentuhan kecil, dibandingkan dengan Twitter normal

AeroWitter v1.1


    ğŸŽ¨ List of all Colors :

  • 🔸 Original Color | Blue
  • 🔸 Red
  • 🔸 Coral Pink
  • 🔸 Light Tone
  • 🔸 Light Pink
  • 🔸 Gold
  • 🔸 Extra Dark
  • 🔸 Green
  • 🔸 Light Purple
  • 🍂 Twitter base version updated to 9.39.0-release.0 | Play Store.
  • 🔨 Fixed some color bugs in colored AeroWitter versions.
  • 🔨 Fixed crash on Android 6.
  • Privacy
    Removed device analysis and some tracking tools on Twitter
  • Totally Safe
    AeroWitter does not store any of your data on our server. Your security is completely providing by Twitter's security protocols.
  • Free
    Aero masterpieces are always free and will remain free

    What else?
  • You can download all videos (with the possibility to choose resolution), photos and GIF posts.
  • You can remove images and text of boring banners / events in the explore tab.
  • You can hide typing animation! The people you are chatting to will never know if you are typing a message.
  • You can hide what you read the messages! The people you are chatting to will not know if their messages have been read, but you can know if the messages you've sent have been read. 👀

Nama Aplikasi: AeroWitter
Versi Saat Ini: 1.1
Versi Basis: 9.39.0-release.0
Ukuran Aplikasi: 73MB
Pengembang: Hazar BOZKURT

Download AeroWitter v1.1

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